What’s a good Thanksgiving project for small kids? – Free PLR Article

There are many fun activities that children can partake in during Thanksgiving. First, a list of things that they are grateful for is a nice way to kick off the fun. Another fun activity is recommended by parenting.com and it is called the Native Necklace. Here are the directions. First “Remove the top ring of a paper cup. Punch 2 holes in the top of the ring and 1 hole in the bottom center. Paint the ring.” You can paint the ring any color you want. The website went with brown.
Next, “Cut a 20-inch piece of cord. String 1 bead on each end. Make a loop and place one end through each top hole. “ And then, “String a few wooden beads onto the cord, creating a “Y” shape. Push 2 cords through the center hole. Add a single bead to keep in place.” Finally, “Attach a feather and bead to each end of the cord to finish.”
The next project is called the “Darlin’ Dixie Garland.” First, you must, “Cut apart a Dixie cup so it lies flate to create a template.” Afterwards, “Trace it onto decorative paper, adding an extra ½ inch on one end, and cut out 7 shapes” and then, “place a strip of double-sided tape on one end of each paper. Wrap paper around each of 7 cups and attach with tape. Now cut out the letters that spell ‘Welcome.’”And then, from there, you have to “glue a letter to the front of each cup.” Finally, use a “utility knife, cut an X in the center of each cup bottom. Push 1 light into the bottom of each cup and hang in an entryway to welcome your holiday guests.”

Another project involves a felt needle. “With a felt needle, string 2-cm felt balls ($10 for two needles, $20 for 60 balls;handbehgfelts.etsy.com) onto a thin 30-inch hemp cord; tie a knot at each end.” From there, “Trim shaft ends of five feathers to be 1 inch.” And then, you can string the two wooden beads onto each shaft. Next, “Place a 6-inch piece of braided cording against feather shaft (below beads), then secure to shaft by wrapping with hemp cord; tie off securely. Repeat with remaining feathers.” Afterwards, “Have everyone write what they’re most thankful for on a small piece of paper; punch holes in papers and thread onto cording,” and, “Tie each feather between two felt beads on string; trim excess cording” From there, “Hang string between tepees.”
One more project is left for us to discuss. “Cover the table with kraft paper. Under the centerpiece, provide craft supplies: string and beads to make necklaces (beads can be a choking hazard for kids under 3), stamps and stamp pads , colored pencils, crayons, foam shapes, and stickers.”
This is really important to note: supervision during these activities is crucial. Accidents happen and some children are not as crafty as others (I suck at arts and crafts). Support and positive encouragement help.


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