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There are lots of fun ideas out there for crafts to do with your children. One of them is to make a sequined CD into a fish. Parents.com explains, “Glue one googly eye each to the iridescent side of two CDs. Add small drops of tacky glue and help your kids attach sequins to the rest of both CDs. Cut out fins and lips from cardstock and adhere to the noniridescent side of one CD. Next, determine the length of twine you’ll need to hang the fish, double it, and tie the ends together. Glue the twine to the top of one of the CD’s noniridescent sides. Then adhere the two CDs together — don’t forget to line up the eyes!”
If you have any daughters, the following craft idea is fun, “Select a contour hair clip smaller than your desired flowers and open it. Cut a 3-1/2-inch piece of 3/8-inch-wide grosgrain ribbon and add a light line of permanent fabric adhesive to one side. Wrap the ribbon around the clip’s open top half only, ensuring that the clip can still close. Next, choose colorful silk or fabric flowers with multiple layers of petals. Remove the stems and stack flowers of varying sizes with the largest at the bottom. Insert a brad into the center and through the ribbon. Bend the brad’s prongs to tightly secure the petals. For extra glamour, glue a sparkly rhinestone to the top of the brad.”
Another one for girls is making bracelets. “Cut a 2-foot-long piece of 1-inch-wide ribbon.* Tie a double knot about 6 inches from one end and begin adding beads. This is a perfect time to teach your child how to create patterns with the beads she chooses. Measure around her wrist as you string so you make the bracelet the correct size. When you’re done, tie a double knot against the final bead to keep it from slipping off. The bracelet can now be tied with a bow around her wrist.”
Next, try this one called glass pebbled frame: “Help your child paint the front and back of a sturdy wooden picture frame with his favorite color of metallic acrylic paint. Use a cold-heat gluegun to squeeze glue onto the frame while your child sticks on the colorful glass pebbles. Once the frame is completely covered, insert a favorite family photo and proudly display your precious memories.”
For the tree hugger in the family, decorate a flowerpot together. “Let your kids pick out their favorite colors for their flowerpot; paint with one color at a time and let each one dry before moving to the next. After all the paint has dried, spray each pot with waterproof sealer. Attach glue dots to the rhinestones and challenge your kids to create a pattern as they place them on the pot. Your windowsill will be looking fabulous in no time.”
What matters is that you spend a wonderful time with your children bonding and getting to connect with each other.


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