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If you want to find some cute Thanksgiving crafts for kids, there are many places you can go to on the Internet and elsewhere. Your local library is likely to be chock full of books that focus on Thanksgiving crafts for kids. Look in the children’s section or ask the librarian to direct you towards books like this. But the easiest place to find Thanksgiving crafts for kids is on the Internet. Many web sites are dedicated to Thanksgiving crafts for kids. Here are a few of our favorites:

Here are a couple of Thanksgiving crafts for kids you may want to try with your own children.

Make some cute placemats for your Thanksgiving dinner with either construction paper or poster board cut into rectangles. The poster board will be more durable. On a piece of red and orange construction paper, trace around your child’s hands with their fingers slightly splayed out. Cut out a circle from brown construction paper and place it on top of the fingers. You have the body of a turkey and turkey feathers. Glue the turkey to the placemat, draw on a face, and have your child write “Happy Thanksgiving” around the turkey. He or she can also add some color to the placemats and decorate it however they like.

To go along with your placemats, you can also have your child make place cards to show where your guests should sit at for Thanksgiving dinner. These are super easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids and can really make your table look festive – especially when you pair them with the home made placemats. Use construction paper or poster board and cut out rectangles that are about 5” x 7”. Fold them in half length ways and have your child write your guest’s name on the front. You can find printable leaf cutouts on the Internet. Let them cut them out and glue to the place cards. They can use crayons or markers to decorate the cards as they desire.

These are only two of the Thanksgiving crafts for kids we were able to find on the Internet. There are so many others that you can try out and even modify for other seasons if you like. There is no better way to bond with your child and spend time with them than by crafting together, so find a stockpile of Thanksgiving crafts for kids you can pull out and do when the urge strikes you.


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